About Ron Davis

Ron Davis was born dyslexic and autistic. He discovered the power of creating missing life concepts out of clay to make sense of the world and was able to emerge from the void of autism. 

By discovering how to correct his dyslexia through correcting his perception of letters and basic words, Ron eventually taught himself to read.  His IQ rose from what was termed “uneducably mentally retarded” at 12, to a score of 167 at the age of 27. His genius had emerged.

Ron created the Davis Dyslexia programmes and the Davis Autism Approach inside his belief that genius exists in some form in all of us.

Ron Davis videos

Ron shares his remarkable journey from struggle to success with
dyslexia and autism in these videos:  

Ron Davis: Unlocking the Power of Dyslexia

Ron Davis: The Importance of Life Concepts for Autism

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