Programme Information

Davis Programmes are available for anyone from 5 – 99 years of age.

Every Davis Programme works with the client’s own goals and is provided one-to-one with a licensed Davis facilitator.

It is highly recommended to read or listen to the appropriate  book/s before you or your child begins a Davis Programme.

The Gift of Dyslexia, by Ronald D. Davis – reading issues

The Gift of Learning, by Ronald D. Davis – mathematics, ADD/ADHD or handwriting issues

Dyslexia affects between 10-20% of people.

It can be a difficult, challenging and frustrating learning difference to live with. Individuals can experience anxiety and stress in school and at work, often covering up difficulties and developing coping strategies to combat dyslexic confusions. By viewing dyslexia as a gift – a set of special talents – and learning tools to control the confusions and related stresses and fears, dyslexic individuals can perceive text, symbols and numerals clearly and experience new-found success in reading, spelling, writing, and comprehension. This success leads to increased self-confidence and the willingness and ability to pursue previously out-of-reach activities and goals.

Every Davis Programme follows a four-step process:

Initial Consultation

A no-obligation meeting with the Davis facilitator, to learn more about the programmes and to work out if the Davis Approach is a good fit for you or your child.

The Davis Programme

A programme that best fits the needs of the individual will be selected. The Davis Tools (to aid self-management of focus, stress and energy) are given, so that individuals can learn in an oriented and relaxed fashion. Davis Symbol Mastery clay techniques specific to the programme are explored in depth. All tools and techniques are provided to enable the individual to put these into active use in real life. There will be follow-up work to be completed at home with the aid of a support person.

Support Training

Training for a family member, tutor, teacher or friend who will continue to support the individual in their Davis follow-up work will be provided.


Each programme varies in length from 30 to 48 hours, generally completed over one to two weeks.

Most programmes run Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm or 4pm, depending on the age of the individual. There is a one-hour lunch break each day, and shorter breaks as required during the day. The Young Learners programme is generally run in ten 3-hour blocks over two weeks.

Follow-up Support

Follow-up work needs to be completed regularly at home with the trained support person. Master Dyslexia will provide up to three follow-up sessions as needed, as well as unlimited email and phone support with the individual or their parent.

“Wow that’s all I can say about Rachel, her caring made me feel humble. She never once got upset with me, which is important. The way she made me feel was “You can do this.” Even now, not completely finished, it amazes me how my writing style has improved immensely. Much better than I could’ve imagined “giggle” and I’m not finished.

It feels like my consciousness has really been changed by the training, I’m typing my file notes as I want them to be read, without changing them to find easier words.

I had an incident at work this week…without too much stress I wrote what I thought was an excellent incident note, the Davis Dyslexia method takes out the worry of spelling.”

David, Digital Print Tutor, 55

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