Davis Attention Mastery (ADD/ADHD)

People with difficulties maintaining attention and focus are often perceived or labelled as inattentive, day-dreamers, unruly, over-talkative, hyperactive, distracted, unfocused and challenging to deal with. The Davis view is that these individuals are very bright, with specific perceptual talents that can be harnessed to achieve extraordinary outcomes and reduced behavioural issues.

The Davis Attention Mastery programme is a solution for adults and children over the age of 8, who have difficulties with:

  • focus or paying attention
  • sitting still or fidgeting
  • listening and following instructions
  • maintaining positive relationships
  • controlling their behaviour.
Dyspraxia and ADHD

The Davis Attention Mastery programme is one of the few natural, non-invasive programmes for people with attention and behavioural issues caused by ADD/ADHD.

Davis Orientation Tools

The programme provides an individual with three mental ‘Tools’
to help with the root cause of the difficulties:


Ensures the individual has accurate perception and can become and stay focused.


Individuals learn to control their stress levels and put themselves into a calm space.


Enables individuals to set their energy levels to suit activity levels and to build rapport with others.

Dyspraxia and ADHD solutions

Dealing with behavioural issues

Individual learning goals relating to focus, behaviour or relationships are addressed through the medium of clay modelling. The Davis Concept Mastery method is hands-on, visual and meaning-based, enabling individuals to use their natural skills and talents to learn.

Key life concepts such as change, consequence, cause and effect, time, sequence and order and disorder are explored through the medium of clay. Individuals with behaviour or attention issues often have gaps in their understanding and application of these concepts. Mastery of these concepts is achieved through the creation of clay models and exploration of them in ‘the real world’. Individuals then apply the concepts to their personal experiences.

For a Davis Attention Mastery Programme individuals are provided:

A no-obligation Initial Consultation

An individualised, 35-48 hour programme with Rachel Barwell

Support training for a family member or tutor

Unlimited phone and email support with Rachel Barwell

Davis Attention Mastery Kit with all materials required for follow-up work

“We have been lucky to have Rachel spend time with our daughter on the Davis Attention Mastery Programme. I learned so much as a parent, it has helped me to understand some of what goes on for my daughter. The concepts and tools that we’ve learned have been illuminating, and I have found myself referring to them in my own life too. I experienced Rachel as kind, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. We are so fortunate to have her in our town. “

Mother of a 10 year-old daughter

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Everything You Need To Know About ADHD

According to ADHD New Zealand, around 1 in 20 New Zealanders have ADHD. Unfortunately, ADHD is still misunderstood, and for many people around the country, it goes undiagnosed or untreated. At Master Dyslexia, I aim to support neurodiverse individuals to use their unique learning preferences to overcome their barriers to learning.
I use the Davis method, a series of tried and tested programs, to manage and support the learning needs of neurodiverse people. The Davis Attention Mastery program was designed to provide solutions to those living with ADD / ADHD. However, before you or your children undertake the Davis Attention Mastery program, it can help to understand a bit more about ADHD and ADHD treatment options.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) describes a unique and neurodiverse brain structure. The prefrontal cortex of a person with ADHD develops differently than in neurotypical people. The different development makes controlling and filtering attention, behaviour, and emotion far more difficult for people with ADHD, which is why it’s considered a ‘disorder’.

Every person with ADHD has a varied collection of traits, which makes each case entirely unique. However, there are a handful of commonalities that mean individuals usually fit within one of three subgroups. They are;

  • Predominantly Inattentive ADHD (or ADD). The main characteristics are difficulty with attention, focus, and concentration. In addition, some impulsivity, emotional and behavioural hyperactivity are experienced, but to a lesser degree.

  • Predominantly Hyperactive and Impulsive ADHD. The primary characteristics are difficulty with attention and behaviour control, hyperactivity, and lack of impulse control. Inattentiveness and executive dysfunction are present but to a lesser degree.

  • Predominantly Combined ADHD. A lack of behavioural, impulse, and attention control are the primary characteristics, all presented in equal measure.

ADHD presents differently in everyone, and a person with ADHD may have many or just a few of the following characteristics:

  • Inattentive behaviour
    • Easily distracted
    • Difficulty maintaining attention/focus (especially when bored)
    • Daydreams or goes off-task
    • Makes silly mistakes
    • Trouble switching between tasks
    • Difficulty keeping track or remembering instructions

  • Hyperactive behaviour
    • Constant activity
    • Restlessness
    • Fidgeting
    • Difficulty sitting still
    • Trouble switching off/sleeping
    • Talks excessively

  • Impulsive behaviour
    • Acting without appearing to think
    • Interrupting people
    • Accident-prone (not thinking before doing)
    • Blurts out answers/secrets
    • Doesn’t mean to do or say all the things done or said
    • Rushes into things

  • Emotional impulsivity
    • Big, raw, and sudden emotions
    • Once calm, the situation is over, as if nothing happened
    • Easily upset, angry or afraid
    • Easily frustrated or annoyed
    • Hard to calm down
    • Self-soothing is difficult
    • Executive functioning

  • Easily loses things
    • Not knowing what they’re doing and when
    • Trouble organising thoughts onto paper
    • Poor sense of time, often late
    • Doesn’t mentally rehearse before entering new situations.

It’s important to establish that there’s no way to ‘fix’ ADHD, as people with ADHD aren’t broken. Individuals with ADHD have unique, incredible minds and should be supported to manage ADHD in the long term. Master Dyslexia offers a program that empowers participants with ADHD or ADD to manage their individual learning preferences. There are many reasons why someone with ADHD in the Wellington region may wish to undertake a Davis Attention Mastery programme.

  • Regain control. For many people living with ADHD, behavioural and emotional control can seem just out of reach. However, with the right programs and tools, ADHD in adults and children can be managed effectively.

  • Feel more relaxed. Some people living with ADHD, particularly those with hyperactive behaviour, find it difficult to relax and calm down. This overactivity can cause long-term fatigue that inhibits day-to-day functioning. Some ADHD solutions, like the Davis Attention Mastery program, teach self-regulation to people with ADHD, enabling them to relax and rest more often.

  • Improve various areas of a person’s life. Some people with ADHD struggle with time management, concentrating in class or on work, money management, and organisation skills, such as following sequences or maintaining order, depending on their individual characteristics. These life skills can be taught using specific ADHD learning techniques that cater to that person’s unique needs.

It’s a common misconception that you can only treat ADHD with medications, but effective natural ADHD management solutions are available for adults and children. Alternatives that have shown positive results include:

  • Neurofeedback. A program that uses advanced computer technology to balance, focus, and optimise the brain. It’s one of many fun and interactive ADHD and ADD solutions for adults and kids alike.

  • Dietary changes. Foods high in refined carbohydrates such as cookies, bread, and pasta lower dopamine levels in the brain, making it harder to concentrate. Removing these foods from one’s diet may increase focus.

  • Exercise. When you consider the restless nature of ADHD, it may come as no surprise that regular exercise can help manage symptoms.

  • Meditation. The principles of meditation emphasise quietening the mind and regaining focus, which may reduce symptoms of restlessness and impulsivity in people with ADHD. Meditation helps treat ADHD for children and adults alike.

At Master Dyslexia, I support people looking to adopt natural alternatives. That’s why I provide the Davis Attention Mastery program, a tried and tested program that helps adults and children harness their specific perceptual talents to achieve extraordinary outcomes in work, school and life.

The Davis Attention Mastery program is an incredibly innovative program that uses hands-on visual, kinaesthetic and meaning-based methods to enable individuals to learn with their natural skills and talents.

Key life concepts such as change, consequence, cause and effect, time, sequence, and order and disorder are explored through the medium of clay, giving people with ADHD an opportunity to engage and explore the concepts in the real world.

The program powerfully addresses the root causes of ADHD for young people and adults alike, as it provides the individual with mental tools to help with the root difficulties associated with ADHD. Some examples include:

  • Orientation: ensures each individual has accurate perception and can become and stay focused on a task.

  • Release: individuals learn to control their stress levels, emotionally regulate, and put themselves into a calm space.

  • Dial: enables individuals to set their energy levels to suit varied activity levels and build rapport and connection with others.

If You’re Looking For Natural, Effective ADHD Solutions, Master Dyslexia Can Help

At Master Dyslexia, I’m passionate about helping individuals shift their focus and behaviour difficulties into learning talents and maximize their potential in many aspects of life. I adopt the highly effective Davis methods to help neurodiverse people recognise and correct their perceptions of change, cause and effect, consequence, time, sequence and order. This empowers them to take control of their learning and success, in school, work and life. If you’d like to learn more about natural and effective ADHD solutions, contact me today.

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