Davis Reading Programme
for Young Learners

A visual-spatial, hands-on foundational programme for those aged 5-8, the Davis Young Learner’s Programme helps children gain skills in:

  • reading
  • writing
  • spelling
  • staying focused.

As a facilitator, I work directly with the child, while providing hands-on guidance and training to a participating parent or support person, who attends with the child for at least 50%, preferably all of the programme.

Key Davis focus skills:


Ensures the individual has accurate perception and can become and stay focused.


Individuals learn to control their stress levels and put themselves into a calm space.


Enables individuals to set their energy levels to suit activity levels and to build rapport with others.

Davis Symbol Mastery

A hands-on, visual, meaning-based approach using smooth, non-gritty Plastilina clay, allowing the child to master:

  • the alphabet
  • punctuation
  • basic sight words

Davis Reading Exercises – using visual, meaning-based Davis Reading Exercises, the child will develop word recognition and comprehension skills.

For a Davis Reading Programme for Young Learners
individuals are provided:

A no-obligation Initial Consultation

An individualised, 30-35 hour programme with Rachel Barwell

Support training for a family member or tutor

Unlimited phone and email support with Rachel Barwell

Davis Young Learners’ Kit with all materials required for follow-up work

We have worked with Rachel for almost a year now to help our daughter master her dyslexia. Over that time, we have witnessed incredible leaps and bounds in her reading, writing, and confidence. Rachel is patient, calm, and caring. Her passion for helping people of all ages with dyslexia is an inspiration.

Simon, father of 8 y.o. girl

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