The Davis Approach

Addressing the root causes of learning challenges

The Davis Approach is a holistic, positive, strengths-based learning method. It helps individuals access and maximise the power of their special talents and gifts, to overcome barriers to learning and success. This approach respects a person’s natural learning preference, while addressing the root causes of the challenges they face with learning.

The Davis approach teaches effective strategies that enable successful learning and
eliminates the negative effects of dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and ADD/ADHD.
Individuals experience increased success, confidence and the freedom to explore
and realise their full potential in education, home and work life.

Key Aspects of the Davis Approach:

Davis Tools

A set of self-regulating mental tools that enable people to:

Achieve accurate perception

Maintain a relaxed state

Control energy levels and mood

Strengthen balance, perception and coordination

These tools combined, allow the person to be in an ideal state for learning and to effectively deal with confusion.

Clay work - Davis Symbol Mastery

A hands-on approach using plastilina clay to help individuals create meaning for themselves. Throughout the program this approach taps into people’s creative picture-thinking and kinaesthetic (tactile) senses and leads to mastery of symbols, words and concepts.

Dyslexia/Young learners

Helps deal with potential confusions with letters, words and punctuation marks.


Helps with numerals, symbols, operations, and concepts.

Attention Mastery (ADD/ADHD)

Helps with mastering life-concepts and scenarios such as change, consequence, time, sequence, order and disorder.

My 10 year old son, Lachie, completed the Davis Dyslexia Mastery course with Rachel in September 2022. We noticed a positive change in his behaviour and interactions with others from day one, and knew that this was going to be different to everything else we’d tried. When Lachie started his course, he had an 8-8.5yr reading level and was at risk, was told that he would need continuous support to meet the curriculum level of Stage 6 in Mathematics by the end of the year, and was at a Year 1 (1B, beginning) writing level. Now, just four months on, Lachie is meeting the curriculum levels for his age in reading – 10.5-11.5yrs – has reached Stage 6 in mathematics and has increased his writing by five levels (2A, Advanced), so that he can now write at the same level of those starting at Yr 5! After years of seeing little to no improvement with other programs, this is absolutely incredible! Lachie is so much calmer and happier in himself, he can control his energy levels, his balance is better, he is so much easier to communicate with, and his connections with his peers, friends and family have improved. This course, and the follow up work has not been easy for Lachie but he is now seeing that his perseverance is paying off and creating the best version of himself is fully within his control.

Sarah, mother of 10-year-old boy

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